About Us

Parkingbnb is an innovative solution to the global parking problem.

We offer drivers automatic solution to find the best parking space with regards to personal preferences, including price, fuel consumption, location etc. We provide all possible parking facilities that can be booked on our platform with the help of unique technologies and algorithms for drivers, parking owners and car manufacturers.

Parkingbnb platform provides an opportunity for cities to reduce traffic congestion and illegal parking, decrease air pollution and improve life comfort of urban citizens. The idea implies an increase of the number of available parking spaces using existing infrastructure with no additional capital expenditures.

Our unique technologies


For drivers

Our Parking Adviser system automatically suggests the best parking space with regard to: price, location, distance, term and personal preferences.

For parking owners

Our autonomous and self-controlled Parking Property Management and Price Adviser take full responsibility for the entire process maximizing profit for parking owners without the their participation.

For car manufacturers

  • Integration of the Parkingbnb software in the on-board car computer
  • Implementation of the Parkingbnb software for an improved autonomous vehicles management

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals with unique experience in finance, management consulting, IT and marketing. We have worked with the largest international corporations and organizations strengthening our background by firm ethics, high degree of responsibility to both clients and investors.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are now hiring for our team in Hong Kong. Feel free to send your CV to careerhk@parkingbnb.world